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Attention: The call for contributions is closed!

Call for contributions

TCI Global Conference 2019: From 8 to 10 October 2019 the TCI Network is gathering in Antwerp (Belgium) for THE cluster conference of the year (for all details see

In Antwerp, experts from around the globe will be gathering in a forum setting — while seeking to make headway in the domains of cluster development, regional competitiveness and innovation support.

You can contribute

  • Want to share your experience?

  • Want to interact with cluster experts from all over the world?

  • Want to get input from peers on your latest head-scratcher?

By contributing your insights, experiences and questions regarding cluster operations, running cluster programs or developing changes in cluster policy, you will help make this conference a highly interactive learning experience for all of us. We welcome submissions from cluster practitioners, business leaders, program owners or policy makers.

We have chosen four broad building blocks to structure the dialogue:


1. Cluster Organisation

Over a decade of cluster-based policies and yet not an agreed definition of what a cluster is or what a cluster-policy should aim for. Nevertheless, a great variety of experiences in the set-up of a cluster, a cluster organisation or a cluster policy, and the goal they aim for. TCI offers a unique opportunity to share your vision or your experience.

  • Birth of new clusters

  • Life cycle of clusters and cluster organisations

  • Resilience of cluster organisation (initiate, grow, flourish, resilience to changing economics)

  • Cluster excellence

  • Impact of clusters on regional economy

  • Monitoring cluster results

  • Cluster branding

  • Results of peer learning in interreg projects , (ClusterIX, Cluster3,…)

  • Virtual clusters

  • Government support to clusters

2. Clusters for Regional growth

“Cluster strategy” has become a very popular economic development approach, especially in relation to regional growth. Some of the clusters focus on a specific angle as innovation others focus on a specific group of companies as start-ups, some make intelligent combinations. Come and give us an insight in your approach!

  • Clustering in innovation (more than a collaborative project, roadmap approach)

  • Clustering in internationalisation (combined efforts to promote region/country)

  • Clusters in relation to start-up/scale-up

  • Clusters in circular economy, industry 4.0 or other thematic approaches

  • Open innovation

  • Social clusters, digital social innovation

  • Transformative tourism


3. Cluster Partnerships

Clustering clusters in cluster partnerships can take many forms. Benefits can go from connecting to research institutes or companies to the creation of new businesses or activities abroad. Whatever the benefit is, there need to be one clearly defined. Share your benefit with the TCI-participants.

  • Cluster collaboration

  • Innovation express

  • BSR-Stars

  • S3 platforms for industrial modernisation

  • Vanguard initiative

  • SDG – strategic development goals UN

  • Importance of partnerships

4. Worldwide clusters

Clustering can start with a collaboration with a neighboring company and from that initial collaboration grow to regional, national and international level. However some cluster seem to be born global. Internationalisations in part of their DNA right from the start. Let the TCI participants have an inside in your cluster.

  • Born global

  • Value chain approach in clusters

  • Local/global members, activities

  • Competition vs collaboration, …

  • Macro-regional perspectives form clusters in Africa, Americas, Asia, CIS, etc.

  • Collaboration with clusters on macro-regional level


Submission procedure

You can submit your proposed contribution after creating your profile for the conference on the website ( As a network, we value new and meaningful connections between the event participants. Therefore, we would like you to provide us the following information:

  • Which of the four themes you wish to contribute to

  • The Author (and Co-Author if any)

  • The title of your contribution

  • The content and goal of your contribution (maximum 300 words)

  • The most appropriate form of working for your contribution (type of session, group size, duration, materials needed)

  • Three key learning points for your audience/colleagues

  • Presentation and/or photo can be uploaded as graphic support to your contribution.

  • If your contribution is chosen, you will need to register on the TCI website with the appropriate fee.

Note that your contribution proposal must be in English and only one proposal can be submitted per registration.

Note: you need to complete your profile to submit your proposal. Remember that full registration (including payment) is required for final confirmation of your participation in the conference programme. You will be invited the complete your registration by email. If your full registration has not been received by 30th June, your proposal will not be considered. As the programme develops, sessions may change and your proposal may be placed in a different session; please bear this in mind when making your conference planning. The Organising Committee will regularly communicate the latest version of the programme.


  • 08 April 2019 Opening Call for Contributions online:

  • 30 May 2019 Deadline for submission of Contributions:

  • 17 June 2019 Notification selected speakers

  • 30 June, 2019 Deadline for early bird registration (payment included)

  • 01 July 2019 Programme with confirmed speakers

  • 09-10 October 2019 Conference Days