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Cluster or IBN Description is the regional business network for new healthcare propositions at the crossroads of life-science and digital technology. Home to those that see their business change because of exponential technology growth, home to providers of solutions, home to integrators that can pull things together. engages in ‘collaborative business development’. It complements each individual company’s efforts to acquire new business, by looking at the overall potential of technology across a value chain, exploring areas beyond the perspective of a single company, and engaging in discussions with stakeholders that are best reached in a collective manner. has collaboration at its core; founded by three established cluster organizations (FlandersBio, DSP Valley and MedTech Flanders), it fosters a cross-over ecosystem, and while enabling and welcoming bilateral business, its main contribution lies in the establishment of larger collaborations. As such, works towards a thriving ecosystem. The potting soil for any company’s success.

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09:00: departure from FMCCA, Antwerp

10:00-11:30: visit Health House (Leuven)

11:30-13:00: interactive networking lunch and matchmaking

13:00-13:45: travel to Mechelen

13:45-15:00: visit to Cochlear Technology Centre Europe (CTCE)

15:00-15:30: travel to Niel

15:30-16:30: visit to anicells

16:30: departure to Antwerp, FMCCA


The matchmaking event is organised by Enterprise Europe Network, in collaboration with Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO), Flanders Investment and Trade and TCI Network. The matchmaking event with bilateral B2B meetings during 12 cluster tours. Participants are free to register for a cluster tour or only attend the matchmaking.

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Health House

How will technology have an impact on the future of our health and care? Health House takes you on an innovative and interactive trip to the future of healthcare. A 3D movie theatre shows the wonders of genetics and DNA in an almost tangible fashion. A Kinect room shows how 3D printing can help treat the human body, a digital anatomy table allows virtual surgery and real life scan analysis, and a VR room lets you dive into the human brain to find out all there is to know about epilepsy and ways to combat it.

House showcases these technologies in a very innovative and interactive way.

Here is a teaser, or rather sneak preview the Health House in 360°


Cochlear is the global leader in implantable hearing solutions with products including cochlear implants, bone conduction implants and acoustic implants. The company invests more than $160 million each year in R&D and has provided more than 550,000 implant solutions to date. Cochlear’s Technology Centre in Mechelen is focused on advanced innovation in new technologies, products and processes, and is a prime example of how collaboration in an ecosystem spurs success.

Here’s a brief technology intro.


anicells, an accelerator platform for cell therapy products, aims to facilitate the go-to-patient process of cell therapy products.

Today, cell therapy is at the cutting edge of development. The use of living cells from a patient or healthy donors as a medicine has the potential to improve the lives of patients suffering from serious conditions where currently limited or no therapeutic options exist. Yet, some challenges in the development of these cell products slow down the final availability of safe, efficient and affordable treatments for all patients.

To facilitate the early clinical trials and to overcome the challenges observed in the go-to-patient process, anicells is created from a joint initiative of the University of Antwerp, the University Hospital Antwerp and POM, supported by both the Flemish and the European governments. anicells offers support services for clinical cell therapy development and access to GMP-compliant infrastructure for manufacturing cell therapy products.

anicells is a multi-product manufacturing site for cell therapy products. It consists of 4 class B, 1 class C and 1 class D cleanrooms, corresponding to a total constructed area of approximately 350 m². The design of anicells is conceived as such allowing an efficient and mostly uni-directional flow of people and materials while avoiding superfluous operations and cross flows of product, i.e. lean manufacturing.


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