Day 0 - October 7, 2019
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16:00 20:00 Registration at FMCCA    Atrium
    Possibility to pick up your badge for the conference    
Day 1 - October 8, 2019
Engage / Exchange / Inspire
Changing clusters in a changing environment
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08:00 08:30 Registration at FMCCA    Atrium
08:30 16:00 Departure from the FMCCA to visit the Clustertours (with presentations, visits and matchmaking)
    Agrifood Tour (Flander's Food)
Air Cargo Belgium (ACB) Tour
Antwerp Smart City Tour (The Beacon) *SOLDOUT
Coastal Marine Tour in Ostend (The Blue Cluster)
Creativity Tour (Flanders DC)
Digital Logistics Tour (VIL)
Energy Community Tour (Flux50)
Health & Life Science Tour (Flanders.Health, Health House)
Materials Tour (SIM)
Social Economy Tour (De Kringwinkel, Arop, HERWIN!)
Sports Tour (Flanders Bike Valley)
Sustainable Chemistry Tour (Catalisti)
18:00   General Assembly   Darwin Hall
    For TCI members only    
19:00 20:30 Conference Welcome Reception   Marble Hall
    Welcome by
Merete Daniel Nielsen – Cluster Excellence Denmark Director and Co-founder & TCI Network President
Claude Marinower – Councillor of the City of Antwerp, responsible for i.a. economy, work, industry and digitization
    Short teaser on the theme of the conference
Olivier Vanden Eynde - Managing Director Close The Gap
Day 2 - October 9, 2019
Engage / Exchange / Inspire
Changing clusters in a changing environment
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08:00 09:00 Registration at FMCCA Atrium
08:45 09:15 Official opening of the conference Queen Elizabeth Hall
    Merete Daniel Nielsen – Cluster Excellence Denmark Director and Co-founder & TCI Network President
High representative of the Flemish government
09:15 09:30 Boom time conference ice breaker   Queen Elizabeth Hall
09:15 10:10 Globalisation, Robotics, and the Future of Work Keynote Queen Elizabeth Hall
    Richard Baldwin - Professor International Economics at the Graduate Institute in Geneva  
10:10 10:30 A longstanding cluster approach within Flanders Keynote Queen Elizabeth Hall
Koenraad Debackere - General Manager KU Leuven
10:30 11:10 Flemish clusters interact with an international panel Panel Queen Elizabeth Hall
Moderator: Ifor Ffowcs-Williams - Member of the Board of Advisors of TCI Network  
Jan Van Havenbergh – Managing Director Catalisti
Frederik Loeckx – Managing Director Flux50
Danny Van Himste – General Manager DHL Express / President of VIL
Jan Vander Stichele – President of the Board of Director Lotus Bakeries / President of Flanders' Food
Karen Vercauteren – Head of the Materials Technology Centre at Agfa Materials NV / President of SIM
Dirk Fransaer – Managing Director VITO
Mark Andries – General Manager Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Merete Daniel Nielsen – Cluster Excellence Denmark Director and Co-founder & TCI Network President
Karin Vercauteren - Head of MTC (Materials Technology Centre), Head of SHERA (Safety Health Environment & Regulatory Affairs)
11:10 11:40 Coffee Break Atrium
11:40 12:30 Building cluster organisations for the future Speakers' session Queen Elizabeth Hall
"Catalonia Strategy to promote shared value through clusters"
Joan Martí Estévez - Spain
"Innovation Management in regional clusters"
Göran Andersson and Glenn Gran - Sweden
"MNE and cluster: a ‘chicken or egg’ discussion"
Evgeniy Kutsenko - Russia
12:30 12:45 Group Picture Zoo Gallery
12:45 13:30 Lunch Atrium
13:30 13:35 Opening of the afternoon session   Queen Elizabeth Hall
13:35 13:55 Cluster partnerships in Europe and beyond Keynote Queen Elizabeth Hall
Ulla Engelmann - Head of Unit Advanced Technologies, Clusters and Social Economy at European Commission
13:55 14:15 Digital Hubs X.0 Keynote Queen Elizabeth Hall
Wim De Waele - General Manager at The Beacon
14:15 14:30 Transfer to the rooms Atrium
14:30 15:30 Break-out sessions on cluster partnerships Different rooms
Proven methodologies to increase cluster collaboration Table Workshop
Room: Gorilla 3
  Clusters for innovation and transformation Round Table
Room: Toucan
"Intercluster collaboration to boost cooperative projects"
Eloi Montcada - Spain
  "Inter-cluster relationships: how a regional cluster of essential oils in the northwestern area of Tunisia can also benefit the national wellness tourism cluster"
Gloria Ferrer - USA
"Speed of trust – how transnational innovation can be boosted through cluster2cluster collaboration"
Leon Aahave Uhd. - Denmark
  "Travel to tomorrow - The impact (of the transformative power) of your sustainable tourism policy on better cluster collaborations"
Vincent Nijs - Flanders/Belgium
"Cross cluster cooperation approaches, challenges/effects/impacts, results"
Els Van de Velde - Flanders/Belgium
  "Designing & Developing Clusters" - Designing an innovation-centric cluster business model
Evgeniya Lupova-Henry - Switzerland
"The Vanguard Initiative"
Wim De Kinderen - The Netherlands
Clusters in smart specialisation discussion Round Table
Room: Gorilla 4
  Rethinking competition Round Table
Room: Gorilla 5
"Different approaches to driving smart specialisation across regions in Australia"
Mirjana Prica - Australia
  "Collaborate or compite? - hot question for clusters"
Doris Pold - Estonia
"Smart Clusters for Smart Specialisation - A New Role for Clusters in Regional Transformation"
Michael Kaspar Keller - Switzerland
  "The journey towards industrial transition: clusters as strategic agents of change for reinvigorating entrepreneurial dynamics. The case of Piedmont region"
Laura Delponte - Italy
"Linking Clusters and RIS3 in Bogota, Colombia"
Daniel Gomez Gonzalez - Colombia
  "The changing shapes of clusters and its impact in regional competitiveness"
Alberto Pezzi - Spain
"The role of smart specialisation for driving policy mixes for 'clusters of change'?"
Jan Larosse - Flanders/Belgium
Once and Future Clusters Workshop
Room: Nightingale
"The changing role of Clusters in Innovation Ecosystems"
Simone Hagenauer - Austria, with contributions from Südtirol (Italy), Westpannon (Hungary), Flanders (Belgium), Skane Region (Sweden)
15:30 16:00 Coffee Break / Transfer to the rooms Atrium
16:00 17:00 Break-out sessions on thematic clusters or cluster organisations Different rooms
Clustering for industry 4.0 Round Table
Room: Nightingale
  Digital tools for clusters Round Table
Room: Gorilla 4
"Cluster dynamics as a mediating force for Industry 4.0’s potential to backshore industrial activities"
Bart Kamp - Spain
  "First results of the evaluation of Digital Maturity Levels of Clusters"
Antonio Novo Guerrero
"Smart Industry in Brabant, A massive joint effort"
Joep Brouwers - Netherlands
  "Artificial Intelligence cluster building"
Anne van der Velden - Netherlands
"IN4.0 Connecting Clusters: Convergence Approach"
Jamie Meehan - Ireland
  "International Innovation Scouting as a Tool for Cluster Support and FDI Attraction"
Frank Speer - Germany
Clustering for circular economy Table Workshop
Room: Gorilla 3
  Evaluation of clusters Workshop
Room: Gorilla 5
"Clusters in the Circular Economy - Putting action behind UNs Sustainable Development Goals"
Merete Daniel Nielsen - Denmark
  "Cluster Evaluation 2.0 – New Emerging Themes for Evidencing Impact"
Madeline Smith - United Kingdom
"Towards a circular economy with a smart industry"
Marieke Huis in't Veld - Netherlands
"Sustainable Industry by Responsible Research and Innovation"
Tamas Gyulai - Romani
"Linking clusters to develop biobased new value chains in Alpine Space"
Jacques Bersier - Switzerland
"Clusters as Drivers for Societal Change in the Forest-Based Bioeconomy: The Case of Paper Province"
Paula Holst - Sweden
14:30 17:00 Cluster S3 Event "European Interregional Learning on cluster policies & S3" Room
  (afternoon session parallel with the two break-out sessions)
19:00 Conference Dinner at the “Handelsbeurs”
  Performance by music ensemble Collegium Vocale Gent
  Diamond Surprise
Day 3 - October 10, 2019
Engage / Exchange / Inspire
Changing clusters in a changing environment
Start  End  Theme    Room
08:00 09:00 Registration at FMCCA Atrium
09:00 09:30 The role of universities in open innovation hubs and pre-incubation structures Keynote Queen Elizabeth Hall
Silvia Lenaerts - Full Professor, Vice rector Valorisation & Development at the University of Antwerp
09:30 09:50 Venture Capital as Catalysator for Cluster Innovation and Growth Keynote Queen Elizabeth Hall
Denis Kovalevich - CEO at TechnoSpark
09:50 10:20 Clusters for regional growth and the start up scene Keynote Queen Elizabeth Hall
Robin De Cock and Omar Mohout - both Professor of Entrepreneurship at Antwerp Management School
10:20 10:45 Towards a new European Industrial Policy: What role for clusters? Keynote Queen Elizabeth Hall
Christian Ketels - Chief Economist of The Boston Consulting Group at the BCG Henderson Institute
10:45 11:15 Coffee Break Atrium
11:15 11:45 The maturity level of your cluster organization Keynote Queen Elizabeth Hall
Elvira Haezendonck - Full Professor at Vrije Universiteit Brussel
11:45 12:00 Transfer to the rooms  
12:00 13:00 Break-out sessions on cluster organisation and regional growth Different rooms
Impact of digitalisation on smart clusters and vice versa Table Workshops
Room: Nightingale
  Different approaches on cluster policy Table Workshops
Room: Gorilla 5
"Smart digital ecosystem through Clusters"
Vincent Dugre - Canada
  "Clusterpact: tool to involve broader policy domains to contribute to increased competitiveness of the cluster"
Annie Renders - Belgium
"The impact of digitalisation on the need for accelerated time-to-market and open innovation in the context of clusters"
Ines Sagrario - Spain
  "Regions and clusters - mutual expectations"
Cecilia Johansson - Sweden
"Smart Sensors 4 Agri-food: for a more interconnected, resilient and smart agri-food system in Europe"
Veerle Rijckaert - Flanders/Belgium
  "An exploratory study of developing a cluster policy in a peripheral regional economy: evidence from key stakeholders in key growth sectors"
Linda Jamison - Northern Ireland
    "Policy Aspects of Cluster Excellence Management Training"
Reza Zadeh - Spain
How to create and measure impact of excellent cluster strategy Round Table
Room: Gorilla 4
  Some regional experiences on cluster building Round Table
Room: Gorilla 3
"Key success factors to define the right cluster strategy (Cluster strategy as basis to help members overcoming future challenges by means of two real cases)"
Maria Pedrals - Spain
  "Mapping the Evolution of the Biomedical Competitiveness Cluster of Wallonia: A Longitudinal Analysis"
Conor Harte - Ireland
"Clustering to develop new and better strategies in Latin America"
Carlos Tarrason - Brazil
  "Promoting clusters worldwide: Ukraine cluster policy - challenges and opportunities"
Anastasiia Konstantynova - Ukraine
"Do Clustered Firms Outperform the Non-clustered Ones? Evidence of Firms’ Financial Performance in Traditional Industries"
Drahomira Pavelkova - Czech Republic
  "Catalysing value chain innovation in a regional chemistry & plastics cluster"
Tine Schaerlaekens - Belgium
"Cluster Development through Strategy Simulations"
Christian Rangen - Norway
  "Cleantech Cluster Flemish Brabant goes International: How to Leverage Local Community Strengths on an International Level"
Pierre Faché - Flanders/Belgium
Gender Diversity for Cluster Competitiveness Workshop
Room: Toucan
  Services for cluster organizations Workshop
Room: Pelican
"Concept for a workshop dedicated to discuss the potential clusters have to address transversally gender & diversity approaches to increase the competitiveness of clusters’ members"
Lucia Seel - Austria
  "Workshop on Services for cluster organizations"
Corien Struijk - Flanders/Belgium & Christoph Matthias Reiss-Schmidt - Austria
13:00 14:00 Lunch Atrium
14:00 14:45 Panel discussion on world wide clusters and macro-regional perspectives Panel Queen Elizabeth Hall
Moderator: Marc Van Gastel – Head of Department Invest Brussels at Flanders Investment & Trade
Piet Vandendriessche - CEO Deloitte Belgium
Claire Tillekaerts - CEO Flanders Investment & Trade
Jacques Vandermeiren - CEO Port of Antwerp
14:45 15:00 Official Flag Ceremony
15:00 15:20 Coffee Break / Transfer to the rooms Atrium
15:20 16:20 Break-out sessions on world wide clusters Different rooms
World Differences in Cluster Development Round Table
Room: Nightingale
  Clusters Changing Regions Round Table
Room: Gorilla 4
"Identifying inclusive innovation clusters globally"
Upeksha Amarasinghe - North America
  "African Macro-regional perspectives in Energy: the case of the Natural Gaz Cluster in Gabon"
Saskia Bonnefoi - America
"Institutional Clusters: Strategies for the development of SMBs in Mexico"
Gerardo San Roman Munoz - Mexico
  "Defining skills clusters in Canada"
Asa Motha-Pollock - Canada
"A Model for Cluster Support & Cluster Organisation Development in Ireland"
Eoin Byrne - Ireland
  "Clusters as change agents in ‘unhospitable’ environments: lessons from Russian and Australian clusters"
Evgeniya Lupova-Henry - Switzerland
    "Sintonías experience: a road map of resilience"
Rocio Prado - Mexico
Sharing Knowledge is Helping Clusters Round Table
Room: Toucan
"International Knowledge Sharing: Clustering for Competitiveness"
John Hobbs - Ireland
"Rethinking cluster competitiveness studies: Industrial Competitiveness Atlas"
Marek Tiits - Estonia
"Clusters 2.0 towards a more cooperative logistics in Europe and beyond"
Vicent Pastor - Spain
16:20 16:40 Conclusions of Conference and Farewell by the President of TCI Network Atrium
15:00 18:00 Eurasian event "Competitiveness 2050: Regions and Clusters in Era of 4th Industrial Revolution" (macro-regional challenges for Eurasian regions) Room: Gorilla 5
(session parallel with the other TCI afternoon sessions - preregistration required)