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As of the beginning of 2017, CATALISTI is acknowledged by the Flemish government as Spearhead Cluster for sustainable chemistry and synthetics (SPC).

Catalisti, the cluster for Chemistry and Plastics, will primarily serve companies in Flanders by building partnerships between individual companies as well as with research institutions, sector associations and governments. By being a central and neutral partner, companies can concentrate on their core business and use the cluster to easily stay connected with all appropriate authorities.

This way, we want to anchor the chemical and plastics sector in Flanders, making the cluster even more innovative, strengthen competitiveness and enhance their global reach.

To achieve these goals Catalisti uses the triple F principle:

  • Find: Catalisti FINDS and initiates new innovation projects aimed at new sustainable business opportunities for your company and finds the best partners for collaborations.

  • Facilitate: Catalisti FACILITATES alignment and agreements between partners, has the necessary competences and resources to facilitate grant applications for projects.

  • Fulfill: Catalisti helps to FULFILL your company needs by offering specific services and by enabling collaborations with innovative partners to quickly come to concrete solutions.

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08:30: departure from FMCCA, Antwerp

09:00-10:45: tour through the port

10:45-11:00: arriving at ‘Havencentrum Lillo’ (Auditorium)

11:00-12:15: presentations by Catalisti, essencia and Port of Antwerp

12:15-13:45: lunch, acquaintance and matchmaking
Members of the cluster Catalisti will attend the matchmaking.

13:45-16:00: bus transfer for company visit INDAVER

16:00: departure to FMCCA

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The matchmaking event is organised by Enterprise Europe Network, in collaboration with Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO), Flanders Investment and Trade and TCI Network. The matchmaking event with bilateral B2B meetings during 12 cluster tours. Participants are free to register for a cluster tour or only attend the matchmaking.

More info and registration for the matchmaking:


Case of Catalisti

To be completed.

Members of Catalisti / Companies


Indaver is a European player with installations and activities in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Ireland - manages and processes industrial and household waste in specialized installations for companies, waste collectors and governments. They extract rich raw materials from this waste that can replace primary raw materials. They deliver the energy that is released during processing to third parties. In this way they create value from waste. They also prevent contamination of the materials or food chain by destroying or detoxifying harmful substances. Indaver is thus the ideal partner to help realize a sustainable circular economy.



Belgian Federation for Chemistry and Life Sciences Industries. The organization represents the specific interests of companies that are active in chemistry, plastics, pharmaceuticals and biotech. The role of essenscia is to offer member companies tailor-made services with expertise and advice on sector-specific themes. In addition, essenscia is the figurehead of the sector in the media and the federation represents the interests of the chemical and life sciences at all political levels.


The Port of Antwerp

The Antwerp Port Authority plays an important role in the day-to-day operation of the port. The Port Authority manages and maintains the docks, bridges, locks, quay walls and land. It is also responsible for the efficient passage and safety of the shipping traffic in the Antwerp port area. It provides tugs and cranes, carries out dredging work and promotes the port in Belgium and abroad.

Port House

Zaha Hadid Architects' design of the Antwerp Port Authority's head office puts the Port of Antwerp on the architectural world map. The Port House symbolises the dynamic and innovative nature of the Port of Antwerp . The building is the workplace of 500 employees and a meeting place for the many international contacts of the Antwerp port community.


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